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This is the Expanded Acquaintance Expansion PDF Bundle. This bundle includes 4 expansions for Good Society, 2 mini-expansions, and a guide to hacking the game.

If you order this bundle you will instantly receive:

  • Pride, Prejudice and Practical Magics PDF
  • Sense, Sensibility and Swordsmanship PDF
  • Downstairs at the Abbey PDF
  • Emma, Forget Me Not PDF
  • The Fae Courts Mini-Expansion PDF
  • Swords, Magic and Servant Deck of Cards PDF
  • Lady Susan P.I. Mini-Expansion PDF
  • Guide to Hacking Good Society
  • All additional cards

Please note, the base game of Good Society is required to play.

A pre-order of the physical game + PDF is available on our website.

More about the Expansions

Pride, Prejudice and Practical Magics

As part of this campaign, backers unlocked and voted for a re-theme of Good Society. The winner was Pride, Prejudice and Practical Magics, inspired by fiction such as Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell, Shades of Milk and Honey, and Sorcery and Cecelia.

In it, characters will take on new roles, desires, and relationships as they struggle with prophecies, glamour and incantations, all while maintaining an impeccable reputation, and finding a suitable match.

Sense, Sensibility and Swordsmanship

This re-theme pays homage to works such as the Scarlet Pimpernel, Zorro, and Sovay.

The key focus of the theme is on double lives – with each character having their regular Good Society play materials and concerns, as well as additional play materials that represent their secret bad-ass persona.

Materials from Good Society and both re-themes are completely compatible, which means, if you want sword fighting AND magic AND advantageous marriages now you can!

Downstairs at the Abbey

While those upstairs concern themselves with displays of wealth and the pursuit of marriage, what is happening downstairs? Inspired by Downton Abbey, Longbourn, and Girl with a Pearl Earring, this addition to Good Society explores the lives of servants as they deal with drama of their own. Tell stories of heartbreak and ambition in a world far harsher than genteel society can understand.

In this expansion you will tell two parallel stories of upstairs and downstairs, which cross and entangle in unexpected ways. Do you make compromises to move up the household ranks? Can you stand steadfast when your family depends on your wages?

Emma, Forget Me Not

Our duty and business call us away from the ones we love. To trade, to war, to pursue promotions or opportunities. And yet we never forget those we parted from.

Emma, Forget Me Not, is an expansion created to tell sprawling stories about the rise and fall of fortunes and careers, and the bittersweet taste of longing. Pursue a naval career, start a merchant empire, or represent the crown abroad. As you track your fortunes and failures, you will also explore changing relationships, from lost loves, to broken friendships and lasting feuds. When it’s time to return home, will those you loved still be who you remember?

The Fae Courts Mini-Expansion

In the Faerie Kingdom, Fae fight an endless struggle for power. The courts of Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn locked in a contest for dominance as secrets, oaths, and powerful magics seethe below the surface. Above them all, the Queen reigns supreme with unknowable desires of her own.

In this mini-expansion, play as ambitious members of one of the four courts, scheming for power. Or play a mortal pulled into the Fae realm, lost in a web of promises, enchantments, and dark secrets. Beware what you touch, you eat, you speak, you hear. For none return from this place unchanged.

Lady Susan P.I Mini-Expansion

Of the twenty guests at Hennly Manor, twelve are old money. Eight are good marriage prospects, four have impeccable connections. And one, is a dead body.

Everyone has a motive, everyone an opportunity, but only one did this bloody deed. Unravel secrets and uncover the murderer before you find yourself accused of a crime you didn't commit. Or a crime you did.


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if we already own some of the expansions, is it possible to purchase just those we haven’t already purchased? (Ie without paying for the same content twice)

Hi! Contact us about this through our website, and we'll sort something out for you!

I clicked on the link in my email from the Kickstarter about the Expanded Acquaintance PDF being available, but I can't find where to download it on this site unless I pay $35. I helped Kickstart the game and received the email; I should be able to download it for free, right?

Hey, can you please let me know your Kickstarter username, or message me on Kickstarter and I'll sort that out for you!

This is an incredible collection of expansions for and alternate framings to play Good Society! This might just provide the entry point you or your friends needed for this amazing game.